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Computer Builder

Want to buy a computer but not sure where to start? I have 4 basic options and costs for computers, but I can also base specs and price off of what games you like to play as well as applications you need to run, so feel free to contact me!
These prices are the total you would pay (This includes the theme). 

The parts lists are just an example and a good indication of what you would get. We can discuss and finalize the offical parts you would get in your pc before you send any payment. 

4K Gaming (2,500-$3,000)

4K gaming with no compromise. If you really want to flex on the interwebs about how cool and great your new pc is. 

Parts list example:

Ultimate 4K.jpg

1080p Gaming (1,200-$1,500)

Classic choice. Most of my computers so far have been around this range. High settings 1080p gaming at 144hz. 

Parts list example: (intel)



4K/1440p Gaming (1,700-$2,200)

High end gaming. 1440p at 144hz or 4K at 60hz. A beautiful computer that displays beautiful graphics. 

Specs: (Intel)



Epic Office Computer ~$700

When you want to flex, but don't play enough games to warrant a "gaming pc", this is what you buy. Perfect for everyday pc tasks and light gaming, but mostly a decorative piece.

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